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Want to know how to start or run a local esports gaming center? We share real-life, real-time info on building an esports facility right in our home town in the midwest. You'll get insight into marketing, operations, training, technologies, customer service, finance and a whole lot more. These are very candid episodes that are meant to you owners and operators maximize their efforts to provide an outstanding facility to their local community.

May 9, 2023

Brett Payne recently spoke at the 417 Think Summit in April about the intersection of gaming and workforce development and the potential benefits for Springfield, MO as a tech city.

During the talk, he introduced the concept of "Techfluency" and explained how gaming can teach valuable tech skills that are highly transferable to many industries, including technology. He emphasized the need to invest in initiatives that promote Techfluency and encourage kids to pursue careers in technology. By doing so, cities and companies thrive and empower kids to succeed in the rapidly changing job market.

This is part two.

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